1. Journal Title: Forum Kajian Keilmuan Hukum Law Journal
  2. Initials: FK2HLJ
  3. Frequency: 2 issues per year
  4. Online ISSN: -
  5. Print ISSN: -
  6. DOI: -
  7. Publisher: Forum Kajian Keilmuan Hukum (FK2H)


The Forum Kajian Keilmuan Hukum Law Journal (FK2H LAW JOURNAL) is a double-blind peer-reviewed publication released twice a year by the Faculty of Law at Universitas Jember (UNEJ) in partnership with the Forum Kajian Keilmuan Hukum (Legal Scientific Study Forum). This internationally-oriented journal, which operates on the Open Access Journal System, aims to offer a unique platform for the distribution of innovative research and theoretical articles across the broad spectrum of law. Issued every October and April, the FK2H Law Journal accepts and publishes manuscripts in both Indonesian and English, underscoring its dedication to cultivating a diverse and global audience. The journal addresses a wide array of contemporary legal fields, including but not limited to Criminal Law, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, State Administrative Law, International Law, Procedural Law, Philosophy of Law, Sociology of Law, Islamic Law, Customary Law, Tax Law, Environmental Law, Comparative Law, Law and Society, Immigration Law, Law of the Sea, Law and Human Rights, Humanitarian Law, Insurance Law, Mining Law, Law and Policy, and various other legal disciplines. With its international focus and commitment to inclusivity, the FK2H Law Journal stands as a unique publication, providing a comprehensive platform for legal scholarship, promoting cross-cultural dialogue, and fostering a deeper understanding of law in both Indonesian and global contexts.

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