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Jurnal Entitas Sosiologi (JES) with an Open Journal System (OJS) is a platform to disseminate thoughts and academic discussion in the field of Sociology. This journal is open for various perspectives in Sociology particularly those which develop ideas and encourage society transformation into one that is sustainable and advanced. This journal accepts research-based papers, literature review; book review submissions which support the spread of ideas and knowledge based on Sociology study, JES started in 2012 as a printed-based journal and became an electronic –based journal in 2020. It is publishes biannually, February and August. It is indexed by Google Scholar, GARUDA dan Crossref.


First, the submitted article will undergo preliminary screening by the editorial team for its relevance to the journal’s scope. Second, the article is examined for the indication of plagiarism using Turnitin. The similarity score which is tolerated is not more than 23%. An article which similarity score reaches more than 23% is automatically declined. Third, the article which passes plagiarism check will be sent to reviewers for review process. Fourth, the article which receives feedback from reviewers and is decided to go through the next round will then be sent back to the author for revision. This process takes 4-6 weeks long. Fifth, reviewers will again assess the revised article based on how well the author addresses the comments. Six, final decision on the acceptance for publication of the articles is made by the editorial team in line with the results of the reviews.


Copyright and Attribution

Creative Commons License
Jurnal Entitas Sosiologi Published by Laboratorium Sosiologi FISIP Universitas Jember
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The copyright for this article is then transferred to Jurnal Entitas Sosiologi if the article is accepted for publication. Therefore, Jurnal Entitas Sosiologi  has a non-exclusive right to reproduce, reprint, translate, provide articles in all forms of publication such as photographs, microfilms and other similar reproduction activities.


The author has the right to copy, download and distribute the published material as long as the author and the source are cited. Any infringement found in the future of any copyright which comes without notice, the author will be responsible for getting sanctioned in accordance with applicable regulations.


Authors must ensure that their work is completely original. The writing of quotations must be done correctly in accordance with the rules of scientific writing. Papers that have been accepted by the editorial team will be checked with the Turnitin application. Articles that have a similarity above 23% will not be published in this journal.