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Vol 11 No 2 (2022): The Industry and The Realities of Today's Society

The Journal of Sociological Entities (JES) is a space for the dissemination of ideas within the scope of Sociology studies. This journal also provides space for various perspectives in sociology, especially in developing ideas that can encourage the transformation of society towards an advanced and sustainable society. In this issue, the Journal of Sociological Entities (JES) presents the theme of Industry and the Reality of Today's Society. The first article, about the Café and the Social Identity of the Millennial Generation in Surabaya. Next, the second article, about Structural Functional Analysis of Opportunities and Challenges of Central Java to Become a Center for Small and Medium Coconut Processing Industries. The third article Analysis of Aspects of Hegemony and Socio-Economic Domination in the 'Squid Game' Series; The fourth article The Reality of Inter-religious Harmony in the Ngepeh Hamlet Community, Ngoro District, Jombang Regency; The fifth article is about Agricultural Information Seeking Behavior by Farmers in Kandanghaur District, Indramayu Regency and the last article is about Social Exchange in the Home Industry of Tofu in Patemon Village. In general, the article narrates about Industry and the Reality of Today's Society. The Sociological Entity Journal (JES) accepts articles in the form of research results, studies, and book reviews that support the dissemination of ideas and the enrichment of sociology-based knowledge.

Published: 2022-08-31
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