Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewer’s Responsibility

The reviewer's responsibility is to provide a review or scientific criticism as well as suggestions to the author to improve the article that has been submitted. In addition, reviewers need to explain the strengths and weaknesses of the articles being reviewed according to the nature and standards of the field of study.

Phases of review

A. Before review process

  1. The editor check the manuscript’s suitability with the field of expertise of the reviewer
  2. The editor ensures reviewer’s ability to review the manuscript.
  3. the editor ensures that there is no conflict of interest.

 B. Review process

  1. The reviewer must make sure that the title is appropriate for the article.
  2. The reviewer must ensure that the abstract reflects the content of the article.
  3. The reviewer must ensure that the introduction contains an explanation of the urgency of the theme or topic being written. The introduction should also contain the research context, theory, methods and a review of previous studies.
  4. The reviewer must ensure that in the discussion section the author is able to explain the findings of the research.
  5. The reviewer must ensure that the conclusion section contains important points from the findings, research implications, and what is left for further research

The reviewer must ensure that the reference section contains relevant, scientific and up to date sources.