Article Withdrawal Policy

It is a general principle of scientific communication that the editor of the journal under study is solely and independently responsible for deciding which articles to submit to the journal for publication. In making this decision, the editor is guided at the discretion of the journal's editorial board and is limited by applicable legal requirements regarding defamation, copyright infringement, and plagiarism. The result of this principle is the importance of the scientific archive as a permanent and historical record of scholarship transactions.

Articles that have been published will remain, true and unaltered to the extent possible. However, sometimes situations can arise where an article is published, which must be retracted or even deleted. Such actions should not be taken lightly and can only occur in exceptional circumstances.

This policy has been designed to address this issue and consider current best practices in the scientific community and libraries. As standards develop and change, we will revisit these issues and welcome input from the scientific community and libraries. We believe that this issue requires international standards. We will actively lobby various information bodies to establish international standards and best practices that the publishing and information industry can adopt.


Article Retraction

Only used for Articles in the Press that represent previous versions of the article and sometimes contain errors or may have been submitted twice by mistake. Occasionally, but less often, articles may represent violations of professional codes of conduct, such as multiple submissions, false authorship claims, plagiarism, fraudulent use of data, or the like. Articles in the Press (articles that have been accepted for publication but have not been officially published and do not yet have complete volume/issue/page information) that contain errors or are found to be unintentional duplicates of other published articles or are determined to violate publication ethics guidelines Our journals in the editor's view (such as multiple submissions, false authorship claims, plagiarism, fraudulent use of data or the like), maybe "Withdrawn" from the BIOGRAPH-I’s Journal Archives. Withdrawn means the article’s contents (HTML and PDF) are removed and replaced with HTML pages. The PDF only states that the article has been withdrawn by the BIOGRAPH-I Journal Policy on Withdrawal of Articles in the Press with a link to the current policy document.