Screening Plagiarism

Authors must ensure that the written works are original and the citation should conform to the guidelines and is written correctly.

The editor is responsible to screen all papers submitted tothis journal by using plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin, with a maximum of 20% similarity. Therefore, authors are advised to self-check their manuscripts for plagiarism before submission.

Authors may not use other people's words, pictures or ideas without attribution. All sources must be cited at the time of use, and reuse of words should be limited and attributed or quoted in the text. If it is known that the manuscript is the result of plagiarism by other authors, the manuscript will be rejected.

Plagiarism includes:
(a) the word for word plagiarism
 (the author uses the words of other authors (exactly) without mentioning the source);
(b) plagiarism over the source
 (the author uses the idea of others without giving enough recognition (without mentioning the source expressly); and
(c) plagiarism of authorship
 (the author is acknowledged as the author of the paperwork of others).