• Hari Wahyudi


Humans have many privileges compared to other living beings. One of these
features is the human brain endowed with superior working power. The human brain is a
system control center of all his activities, whether the activity is done consciously or
activities conducted under awareness. Modern research shows that the human brain
contains one trillion cells, which includes 100 billion active nerve cells (neurons) and 900
billion other cells that glue, maintain and envelops the neurons. The ability of the brain
memory can reach the order of 10800, is much greater than the capacity of modern
computer hard drive which is at the order of 1012. There are two realities about the
workings of the brain : (1) Rapidly growing brain power into the teenage years and then
the momentum gradually decreases, and (2) power of the brain to be more efficient if the
brain is more widely used and trained. The brain has a sensitivity to specific things, which
is the color, sounds and fragrances stimulation. Therefore, efforts to improve the workings
of the brain can be done by providing the right external stimulants. This effort can be
realized through the use of painting, music, and fragrances are integrated with the balance
of brain exercises that vary. Brain power of good to help people to be able to think,
analyze, imagine and store information optimally.
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