Jurnal Ilmu Kenotariatan (JIK) is a scientific journal which publishes original articles on the most recent knowledge, researches, or applied researches and other development in fields of academic practitioners, researchers, scientists, and consultants. JIK is a magnificent platform to discuss about notary law.

The JIK is an academic journal jointly organized and operated by the Graduate School and Notary Masters Program of Faculty of Law based out of the University of Jember. The Journal serves as a notary law arena for the academic discussion and analysis on social sciences issues in Indonesia and beyond. 

Manuscript with an empirical approach will be preferable. However, the journal will still consider the manuscript with a descriptive approach for publication as long as it provides cases and contextual discussion approach to examine the cases.

This objective of this journal comes from the current context of issues within the framework of social sciences, law, and humanities that need to be discussed from various kinds of approaches. Thus, the scope of this journal covers Notary Law, Land Law, Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčNotary, Civil law, Business Law, Administrative Law, International law, Law And Society, Information Technology Law and Electronic Transactions, Human Rights Law, Contemporary Law, and any other social realm. 

In the hope that this journal eventually serves as a platform for discussion and debate, a plurality of opinions and perspectives are also welcomed. For more information about JIK's focus and scope, please feel free to send any inquiries to the email provided on the contact page.

In keeping with its commitment to distribute and disseminate information and knowledge to as broad an audience as possible, JIK allows free and open access to all of its published works.