Author Guidelines

Articles sent to JEAM should follow the guidelines stated below:

Article files should be provided in Microsoft Word format, and are not allowed to send files in PDF format. The manuscript is written using Times New Roman, A4 paper format, margins: top 3; left 3.5; right 3; bottom 3, justified, and one space. Cover page should state the titles and author’s affiliation. The titles typed in single space, Times New Roman fonts 12 font size,  Bold. Author typed in   Times New Roman fonts 12 font size,  Bold and Italic. Email address and Author’s affiliation typed in Times New Roman fonts 12 font size, Italic.

The article should systematically cover:

Abstract to include purpose/ research problem(s), objective(s), method, findings and contributions. Abstract should consist of 150-350 words (in English and Indonesian). Abstract is followed by at least Three keywords. Abstract and keyword in two language: English and Indonesian. Abstract should be typed in one space, Times New Roman 12 and Italic.

Introduction to include research motivation(s), background, research question(s) and research objective(s).

Theoretical Framework and Hypothesis Development (if present) to explain the theoretical framework used as the logical basis to develop hypothesis or research proposition and research model.

Research Methods to describe data selection and collection approach, measurement and operational variable definition and data analysis method.

Conclusion, Implication and Limitation to provide the summary of research findings, implications and suggestions for future research.

References only references cited in the paper that may be stated in this part and all cited references should be stated here. 

Chicago style or accounting review style is used as a reference in citation, references, and writing format.  JEAM style .

Appendix consist of tables, pictures and research instrument.