In this volume, we present detailed results from 2018 International Seminar Series on Regional Dynamics, organized by Faculty of Political Science, University of Jember. The manuscripts cover all of the surveys and analyses on the historical and current context of government policies in Indonesia. We believe that this publication is an important source of analytical data on government policies and provides a basis for following the development of government policies in Indonesia.

The theme of 2018 Annual Seminar Series was organized based on a sample that was drawn from the socio-political context on the dynamic of government policies on education, law, politics, business on state and non-state enterprises, community development, and the current context of regional autonomy in Indonesia. On behalf of the editorial board, I hope this year seminar will bring some initiatives for the government to develop their policies especially on public services. Additionally, we also hope there will be a continuation of similar academic activity by other institutions in order to keep the sustainability of the idea of regional dynamic on government policies in Indonesia.

Published: 2019-09-18