Journal History

Establishing the CERiMRE journal, the editorial members (Indonesia) were also member of the KMTE “Komputasi Material Terapan dan Energi” (formerly was KMT) research group, Physics Dept, FMIPA, Universitas Jember, Indonesia. Therefore, the CERiMRE editorial team members is assigned based on the Decree of the Dean (SK) of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), Universitas Jember, Indonesia. The CERiMRE Journal was first published for Vol 1 No.1 2018.

This journal was created to accommodate original research results from researchers in the field of Materials and Renewable Energy, both simulation/computational and experimental research. The CERiMRE journal from the beginning was conceived to be directed to become a reputable international journal that can accommodate and publish several quality works from researchers around the world.

As an effort to increase the capacity and quality of the management of the CERiMRE journal, in 2021 the CERiMRE journal has received Grant (Hibah Pengelola Jurnal) from the Universitas Jember to prepare the CERiMRE journal to apply for SINTA accreditation. Near mid-2022 (19 April 2022) the journal cerimre has been indexed by DOAJ. Then to develop themselves, the CERiMRE Journal has also invited several professors from abroad to join the team of editors and reviewers.