Aims and Scopes

CERiMRE journal receives scientific articles of experimental and/or computational research that using many tools and methods as computational methods (Micromagnetic simulation, DFT Density Functional Theory, MD molecular dynamics, CFD computational fluid dynamics, MC Monte Carlo, FEM finite element method, transport neutron equation, etc) and standard experimental tools and analysis (FTIR, XRD, EDAX, bending test, etc) to develop potential applications of new materials and renewable energy sources. The materials and renewable energy under investigation may show:

Prediction of material properties for new potential applications as electronics materials, photonics materials, magnetic materials, spintronics materials, optoelectronics materials, nuclear materials, thermoelectric materials, etc.

Exploration of new design of renewable energy resources as in nuclear power plants, solar cell, fuel cells, biomass, thermoelectric generators, nuclear batteries, wind, wave, geothermal, etc.