Editorial Board is a team of experts in the journal's field. Editorial board has tasks as in the journal SOP to:
• Review submitted manuscripts by authors, • Identify and Advise on journal policy, scope and template,
• Attract new authors and submissions,
• Promote or distribute the journal to their colleagues and peer for reviering,
• Assist the editor(s) in decision making over issues such as plagiarism claims and submissions where reviewers can’t agree on a decision.

The editor-in-chief is the lead editor. His/her primary responsibilities usually include:
• Directing the overall strategy of the journal,
• Reviewing and deciding upon submitted manuscripts,
• Acting as an ambassador for the journal, commissioning content and fielding submission enquires as appropriate.

Associate Editors
The editor-in-chief delegates work to these associates and may deputize some decisions to them. The manuscripts will be assigned to them based on the topic or country of origin.

Section Editors
Section editors are responsible for reviewing only specific manuscript types, such as book reviews or brief reports. Often, these editors make final decisions on their assigned manuscripts, but the editor-in-chief may wish to review decisions for all sections.

Web editor
Responsible for the CERiMRE OJS content.

Dr. Artoto Arkundato - Universitas Jember
SCOPUS ID. 22933701900 - Google Scholar Profile - SINTA ID. 5994932
Email: a.arkundato@unej.ac.id

Associate Editors
Material Section
Dr. Lutfi Rohman - Universitas Jember
SCOPUS ID. 57195928220 - Google Scholar Profile - SINTA ID. 6009128
Email: el_rahman.fmipa@unej.ac.id

Renewable Energy Section
Dr. Ratna Dewi Syarifah - Universitas Jember
SCOPUS ID. 57192074999 - Google Scholar Profile - SINTA ID. 6707305
Email: rdsyarifah.fmipa@unej.ac.id

Section Editors
Computational and Simulation Research
1. Endhah Purwandari, M.Si. - Universitas Jember
    SCOPUS ID. 57207452976 - Google Scholar Profile - SINTA ID. 5998039
    Email: endhahfisika@gmail.com 

2. Dede Djuhana, Ph.D. - Universitas Indonesia (UI)
    SCOPUS ID. 26027849100 - Google Scholar Profile - SINTA ID. 5975030
    Email: dede.djuhana@sci.ui.ac.id

3. Dr. Fiber Monado - Universitas Sriwijaya (UNSRI)
    SCOPUS ID. 55330195600 - Google Scholar Profile - SINTA ID. 53558
    Email: fiber.monado@gmail.com

4. Prof. Ramakrishna Ramaswamy
    Visiting Professor
    Department of Chemistry
    IIT-Delhi, New Delhi 110 016, India
    SCOPUS ID. 7102730037 - Google Scholar Profile
    Email: ramaswamy@iitd.ac.in, r.ramaswamy@gmail.com

5. Ahmad Nazrul Rosli, Ph.D. - University Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Malaysia
    SCOPUS ID. 23986199700 - Google Scholar Profile 
    Email: anazrul84@gmail.com

6. Dr. Eng. Sidik Permana - Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)
    SCOPUS ID. 13403022500 - Google Scholar Profile - SINTA ID. 6034482
    Email: psidik@fi.itb.ac.id

Experimental Research Section
1. Wenny Maulina, M.Si. - Universitas Jember
    SCOPUS ID. 54897888400 - Google Scholar Profile - SINTA ID. 5998110 
    Email: wenny@unej.ac.id  

2. Dr. Masturi - UNNES, Semarang
    SCOPUS ID. 54791096900 - Google Scholar Profile - SINTA ID. 5989680
    Email: masturi@mail.unnes.ac.id 

3. Dr. Iwan Sugihartono, M.Sc. - Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) 
    SCOPUS ID. 24468037000 - Google Scholar Profile - SINTA ID. 257982 
    Email: Iwan-Sugihartono@unj.ac.id 

Web Editor
Yoyok Yulianto - Universitas Jember
Email: yoyok@unej.ac.id