Utak Atik Kata Tokoh dalam Novel Negri perempuan

Linguistic Style in Character Name in Negeri Perempuan,

  • Armini Arbain penulis artikel


Language is upstream for the literary work. In literature, language is not only a means of communication but also a means to express aestethic. To maintain the aestethic, theauthorusing several form connotative, emotive, and aesthetic language. A famous author in West Sumatra, Wisran Hadi, in his novel entitled Negeri Perempuan expresses language creativity in naming the characters. Each name of the character in the novel has themeaningwhich related to the character it represents. Moreover, it also associated with the background of the work of the cultural background of Minangkabau culture. This research aims to discusslanguage creativity and social conditions of Minangkabau culture represent in the novel.

Keywords: Compound, name, character, meaning, social culture     

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