Author Guidelines

Carefully read the author guidelines as follows.

General Guidelines

1. Written in Indonesian or English.
2. The text submitted by the author is the original scientific paper, has never been published, and is not being submitted for publication in other media/journals.
3. The article has not been published in any media and is not being submitted to other journals.
4. The article is typed using Microsoft Word program on A4-sized papers (210×297 mm), with custom margins as follows: left 3 cm, right 3 cm, bottom 3 cm and top 3 cm, Time New Roman theme font, 12pt font size (in general), and 1.15 line-spacing, except abstract and references.
5. The length of the submitted paper is at least 8 pages, including abstract and references.
6. The paragraph format is “justified”. Paragraphs are not to be indented. Space between paragraphs is 12pt.
7. The manuscript consists of an Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion, Acknowledgement (optional), and References.
8. Make sure that your paper is prepared using the MIMS paper template.
9. The manuscript which is inappropriate with the MIMS writing guidelines will be rejected.

Manuscript Guidelines


- The title should be uppercase characters, 14 pt, bold and preferably not more than 3 lines.
- Avoid the symbol of mathematics in the title.
- Author names should be 11pt, bold, not be abbreviated, except for the middle name is optional. The order of the authors’ names should be suffixed with the number in superscript. The authors with the same affiliation have the same number in superscript.
- If the affiliation for all authors is the same then superscript is not needed.
- Corresponding author’s name should be identified with a superscript asterisk *
- Affiliation and email address should be 11pt.
 - The email address of the corresponding author must be written.


- It must be written in English, 11pt, not italic, and one spaceline.
- It consists of at least 100 words but not more than 250 words.
- It must be clear, descriptive, provide a complete but brief description of the problem under research, and avoid mathematics equations or formulas.
- It should state the objective achieved and provide the main findings of the research.
- It should be independent of the text and not contain references.


- It should avoid general and plural terms and multiple concepts.
- It should be 3 – 5 words or phrases separated by a comma (,).
- It should be written in English, 11pt, not italic.
- Only the first word of the first keyword must be capitalized.

Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC2020) must be exists (see


- It should be clear and provide the issue to be discussed in the manuscript.
- Provide an adequate background, a literature review (but avoid a detailed literature review), and briefly states the objective of the paper and how it relates to other works in the field.
- At the end of the paragraph, the author(s) should end with a comment on the significance concerning identification of the issue and the objective of research.
- Preferably not more than 700 words and avoid a subsection.

Methods: Explains how the research is conducted, including research design, data collection, research instrument, and analytic methods.


- This section is the most important section of your article.
- It contains the results of the object of study and should be clear and concise.
- All Mathematics Equations must be typed using the equation editor.
- Figure
  - All figures should be centered and must be cited in the text.
  - Caption should be located below a figure.
  - The caption of The Figure is sentence case, 11pt, not bold.
  - The figure and its caption must be in one page.


- All tables should be centered and must be cited in the text.
- Each Table should have a brief descriptive title set above the body of the Table.
- The caption of the Table is written in sentence case, 11pt, not bold.
- Tables shall appear without inside vertical and horizontal grid lines. Only the first row with headings of the Table should follow a horizontal line. The Table should be closed with a horizontal line.
- All text in the table should use font 10 or 11pt.
- The table and its caption should be on one page.


- It contains a description that should answer the objectives of the research.
- Do not repeat the abstract or simply describe the research results.
- Give a clear explanation regarding the possible application, suggestions, or open problems related to the research results.


- Use a Mendeley for reference management and formatting.
- The citation must be in the form of in-text and bibliography are based on IEEE style.
- All references should be cited in the text.
- Expect a minimum of 15 references primarily with a minimum of 80% from journal papers most recent (in the last 10 years) with their DOI or URLs.
- Avoid references from the internet.
- Some examples:
 [1] V. Mohammadi, S. Aghaei, and A. Chenaghlou, “Klein-Gordon equation with superintegrable systems:             Kepler-Coulomb, harmonic oscillator, and hyperboloid,” Advances in High Energy Physics, vol. 2015, 2015, doi:
 [2] Sugiyono, Metode Penelitian Kuantitatif Kualitatif dan R & D. Bandung: Alfabeta, 2011.
 [3] B. Lestari,   “Semiparametric Modeling of Consumer Price Index,” Majalah Ilmiah Matematika dan Statistika, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 79–90, 2016, doi:
 [4] F. Susanto, “Nilai Ketidakteraturan Jarak Graf Pohon Berderajat Maksimum Tiga,” Jember: Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam, Universitas Jember, 2020.

The Online Submission Manuscript Guidelines

1. The document should be submitted by Open Journal System in the MIMS (Majalah Ilmiah Matematika dan Statistika) E-journal portal HERE.
2. Firstly, the author should register as either an author or reviewer (checking role as author or reviewer) in the “Register” or HERE.
3. After the registration step is completed, log in as an author, click in “New Submission”. The article submission stage consists of five stages, such as:  (1). Start, (2). Upload Submission, (3). Enter Metadata, (4). Upload Supplementary Files, (5). Confirmation.
4. In the “Start” column, chose Journal Section (Full Article), check all the checklists.
5. In the “Upload Submission” Columns, upload the manuscript files in MSWord format in this column.
6. In the “Enter Metadata” columns, fill in with all the author data and affiliation. Including the Journal Title, Abstract and Indexing Keywords.
7. In the “Upload Supplementary Files” columns, the author is allowed to upload supplementary files, the statement letter, or any other else.
8. In the “Confirmation” columns, if the data you entered are all correct already, then click “Finish Submission”. 9 If the author has difficulties in the submission process through the online system, please contact MIMS editorial team at