Peer Reviews

The articles submitted to this journal will be evaluated through Initial Review processes by Editorial Team. The article can be declined if it does not meet into the journal scope. Next, the article will be checked for any indications of plagiarisms.
Then, the review process applies the blind peer review method, in which reviewers not know author identities. When the manuscript has passed the desk review stage, editors will deliver a manuscript to 2 (two) reviewers who are experts in the field of the submitted manuscript. The task of reviewers is to assess originality, clarity of presentation, and contribution to the legal knowledge. Typically, reviewers will complete the review process within three weeks. Manuscripts that did not successfully pass the desk review process will not proceed to this stage and will be rejected.


The list of our reviewers is as follows:

Anggita Doramia Lumbanraja, (ID Scopus: 57218376763), Diponegoro University, Indonesia

Emanuel Raja Damaitu, (ID Scopus: 57861383800), University of Jember, Indonesia

Fahmi Ramadhan FUniversity of Jember, Indonesia

Igam Arya WadaUniversity of Jember, Indonesia

Laurensius Arliman Simbolon, University of Ekasakti Padang, Indonesia

Masrudi muchtar, Achmad Yani University, Indonesia

Maurice Rogers  (ID Scopus : 57217653229), National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Indonesia.

Mohamad Rif'anBrawijaya University, Indonesia.

Muhammad Akbar NursasmitaBrawijaya University, Indonesia

Muhammad Yusrizal Adi Syaputra, (ID Scopus: 57204116907), University of Medan Area, Indonesia

Neo adhi kurniawanMalang State University, Indonesia

RamadaniNorth Sumatra State Islamic University, Indonesia

Rian Adhivira Prabowo, (ID Scopus: 58308397600), University of Jember, Indonesia

Robert Pangihutan Radjagoekgoek, President University, Indonesia

Syahrul SajidinBrawijaya University, Indonesia