Archiving and Repository Policy

Open Journal Systems (OJS) supports the LOCKSS and CLOCKSS system to ensure a secure and permanent archive for the journal. Then this Journal also archives the publication content in digital databases Dimensions, OrcidCrossrefGARUDA (Garba Rujukan Digital) and BASE to ensure availability of access.

This journal also allows authors to store all versions of their work in institutional or subject repositories. This policy sets out how authors of journals can self-archive versions of their work on their own webpages, on institutional webpages, and in other repositories.
Further explanation can be seen in the table below:

 Article Version  Personal   Website  Institutional or non-Commercial   subject-based repository  Commercial platforms   and social media
 Author original     Version  At any time  At any time  At any time
 Accepted   Manuscript  At any time  At any time  At any time
 Version of Record  At any time  At any time  At any time