The Journal of Sociological Entities (JES) is a space for the dissemination of ideas within the scope of Sociology studies. This journal also provides space for various perspectives in sociology, especially in developing ideas that can encourage the transformation of society towards an advanced and sustainable society. In this issue, the Journal of Sociological Entities (JES) presents the theme of Social Life and Its Complexity. The first article, about Coping Strategies for Asset-Based Farmers after the Construction of Karangkandri Power Plant in Slarang Village Cilacap Regency. Next, the second article, about The Implementation Strategy of BUMDes from Social Inclusion Perspective. The third article Mothers' Knowledge Construction of Stunted Toddlers in Addressing Stunting Phenomenon in Jatisari Village; The fourth article The Company's Contribution through the Corporate Social Responsibility Program in Handling Stunting Problems in Kalimantan; The fifth article is about Community Practices in Continuing Children's Education in Cigondang Village, Labuan District, Pandeglang Regency and the last article is about The Influence of Spiritual Leadership on Organizational Culture as a Mediation Variable in Pamekasan’ UMKM . In general, the article narrates about Social Life and Its Complexity. The Sociological Entity Journal (JES) accepts articles in the form of research results, studies, and book reviews that support the dissemination of ideas and the enrichment of sociology-based knowledge.

Published: 2023-08-31