Peer Review

Peer Review Process

Firstly, the articles submitted to this journal will be evaluated through Initial Review by Editorial Team. The article can be declined if it does not meet the journal's scope. Next, the article will be checked for any indications of plagiarism. Then, the articles will be sent to at least 2 Reviewers or Peer-Reviewer (Mitra Bebestari) and go to the following selection by Review Process. The editor of the Journal usually assigns two anonymous reviewers to protect the double-blind review process and avoid conflict of interest between reviewer and author.  After that, the articles will be returned to the Authors for revision. These processes take a 60-day process before publication. Yet, some articles require additional processing time, depending on the number of manuscript submissions to CSI. In each manuscript, Peer-Reviewer (Mitra Bebestari) will be rated from the substantial and technical aspects. The Editors will decide on article acceptance according to the Reviewers' comments.