Peer Review

The detailed review process is explained as follows:

  1. Submission: All manuscripts must only submit via JAUJ’s Open Journal System (OJS). First, author must register to get account in our OJS and login their account to submit the manuscript. All submitted manuscripts must follow template and match the focus and scope of JAUJ. Please read author guidelines carefully.

  2. Initial Screening: Editor will be doing an initial screening to each submitted manuscript. Manuscripts that do not match to the journal template, and focus & scope will be rejected without review. Manuscripts that match with the journal template and focus & scope will first be checked for plagiarism.

  3. Plagiarism Screening: The submitted manuscript will be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin. If the similarity level is more than 25%, editor will inform the author to revise the manuscript. The manuscript that passed this stage would be sent to review.

  4. Double-Blind Peer Review: We use double-blind peer review process, so that author and reviewers will not know each other. Each manuscript will be reviewed minimal by two reviewers. The decision that can be made by reviewer consist of:
    1. Accept: Accepted manuscripts will be published without revisions. However, proofreading and copyediting of the manuscript still will be conducted;
    2. Accepted with revision: The manuscript requires revisions before publication. The editor will send back the article to author and give one to four weeks to complete the revisions.
    3. Reject: The manuscript is not considered for publication in JAUJ.

  5. Layout Editing: After manuscript get accepted from both reviewers, copyeditor will finalize the article. In this stage, author will be asked to do the payment needed (article publication charge).

  6. Plagiarism Final Checking: Editor will do final check of plagiarism to the article.

  7. Publication: Article will be published if all the stages above are completed. The process from submission until publication approximately takes 6 weeks.