Screening for Plagiarism

Jurnal Agroteknologi prohibits plagiarism and self-plagiarism. While each author is responsible for ensuring that the manuscript submitted to this journal is original and plagiarism-free, the Editorial Board will apply the routine procedure to run all submissions to pass the maximum percentage of similarity and plagiarism evaluation through Turnitin as the detection software.  The result of manuscript screening should be a maximum of 25% similarity, with evaluation and interpretation of whether the manuscript has passed the plagiarism indicators based on the editor's decision.

This journal defines plagiarism as follows:

(1) Word-for-word plagiarism. The author uses the words of other authors (exactly) without mentioning the source);
(2) Plagiarism over the source
. The author uses the idea of others without giving enough recognition, without mentioning the source expressly; and
(3) Plagiarism of authorship
. The author acknowledges as the author of the paperwork of others.

The Editorial Board has the right to decline the submission when it is found that the manuscript is detected with plagiarism as one of the above criteria.