Muhammad Bahrul Ulum

Mr Muhammad Bahrul Ulum studies PhD in Agricultural and Food Law at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. His PhD research deals with the agricultural land use regulatory framework decision-making towards Indonesia's approach to incorporate food security and the right to food.

Prior to studying for his doctorate, a key theme in his research explored the interplay of constitutionalism and rights-based instruments. He has published widely on constitutionalism, human rights, and food policies in refereed journals. He has also reviewed journal manuscripts from renowned publishers such as Oxford, Sage, and Elsevier.

In 2013, he obtained the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) scholarship to pursue a Master's Degree. He also received a research grant from the Islamic Development Bank to conduct research as a visiting scholar at Nagoya University (Japan) from October to December 2018. In 2017-2022, he was selected to present papers at conferences held by the Indonesian Constitutional Court, the University of Jember, the University of Sydney, the University of Indonesia, Vietnam National University, and Thammasat University. In 2019, he also participated in the 43rd Southeast Asia Seminar held by Kyoto University in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Previously, he was an assistant public lawyer at Legal Aid Institute (LBH) Surabaya to serve the structural legal aid to promote human rights, democracy, and the rule of law. In 2013, he carried out a field task to monitor the performance of legal aid services in the Religious Court and the District Court of Tuban under the Indonesian Supreme Court.

During his master's degree, he was the Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Students' Association in India. He was also the Founder and Executive Director of the Forum for Juridical Science Studies (Forum Kajian Keilmuan Hukum), undergraduate students' academic platform at the University of Jember. He won the Nationally Scientific Paper Competition held by the Indonesian Constitutional Court (2009) and the National Law Debate Competition held by the University of Indonesia (2010). Finally, he was the most outstanding student of the year at the Faculty of Law, University of Jember, and the 2nd most outstanding student of the year at the university level (2011).

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