Lentera Hukum has been accepted for Scopus


As of December 2022, Lentera Hukum has been accepted for Scopus. The Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) has reviewed our application and approved it for coverage. The title tracking from Scopus can be accessed here, while the coverage of articles published by this journal in the Scopus database spans from 2019 to the present. The list of articles indexed in the Scopus database can be directly accessed in Scopus or from the directory. The Editorial members thank all parties contributing to this achievement.

In Indonesia, this acceptance means that this journal has been placed at the 1st level nationally, as well as considered internationally reputable. However, we are aware that this achievement is just the first step of realising this journal to be well recognised and respected globally. In particular, upon the inclusion in the Scopus database, the editors have strived to encourage scholars focusing on legal studies within the Global South to consider this journal as the venue for publishing their scholarly works.

Authors from different countries are highly encouraged to submit and publish papers relevant to the focus and scope of this journal. For submission information, click here.