Review Process

Firstly, the articles submitted to this journal will be evaluated through Initial Review processes by Editorial Team. The article can be declined if it does not meet into the journal scope. Next, the article will be checked for any indications of plagiarisms with a maximum of 20%. Then, the articles will be sent to at least 2 Reviewers (Mitra Bestari) and will go to the next selection by Review Process All submitted articles will be independently reviewed by two peer reviewers using double-blind method. After that, the articles will be returned to the Authors to revise. These processes take within 6 weeks for a maximum time. In the each manuscript, Peer-Reviewer (Mitra Bestari) will be rated from the substantial and technical aspects. Final decision of articles acceptance will be made by Editors according to Reviewers comments. Peer-Reviewer (Mitra Bestari) that collaboration with Jurnal ROTOR are the experts in the Energy Conversion, Mechanical Design, Production Engineering, Materials Science and other fields related to Mechanical Engineering.