Journal of Tropical Industrial Agriculture and Rural Development

ISSN 2722-8738 (Online)

Editor-in-Chief: Tri Agus Siswoyo

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Journal of Tropical Industrial Agriculture and Rural Development (JTIARD) is an official journal of Faculty of Agriculture, University of Jember in collaboration with The Center of Excellence on Crop Industrial Biotechnology (PUI-PT -BioTIn), The University of Jember. JTIARD publishes manuscripts of international quality of original research papers and reviews of the laboratory, field, plant, landscape and industrial science experimental and modeling research. JTIARD is an interdisciplinary publication that aims to maximize the quality of the industrial agricultural and development of rural sectors across the globe with an emphasis on the tropical countries perspective.
JTIARD  will cover publication areas of interest, which are topics contributing to a better understanding of industrial agriculture and rural development of tropical countries for more better and accurate information from particular countries. The journal accommodates the topics of Agronomy, Agrobiotechnology, Agroecology, Agriculture Technology,  Agribusiness, Socio-economics of Industrial Agriculture, rural societies and cultures, rural policy and model; and human interactions with the rural environment related to industrial agriculture.
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