Author Guidelines

  1. Write your article in single column and page number it. The article should be 20-25 pages long (excluding references).
  2. Type your work on A4 paper (210 x 297 mm) with 1.5 space.
  3. Title must not more than 12 words in Bahasa and 10 words for title in English.
  4. Author(s) name: Do not abbreviate name(s), do not include academic titles, type your name(s) in bold.
  5. Full Address: give full address of an institution or workplace you work at with its postal code, phone, fax number, and email address.
  6. Abstract and keywords: The abstract contains a brief description and clear, and explain the entire contents of the article. Abstract writing pressure primarily on the research results. Abstract written in English and Indonesian language a maximum of 250 words on each abstract is followed by keywords 3-5 words. Keywords can be either single words or combinations of words. Keywords used to describe the realm of the issues, and the terms underlying the content of the study. The keywords are required for computerization. Research and abstract title search made easy with these keywords. Typing abstract done with single spacing, font Times New Roman 10, with a margin narrower than the left and right margins of the main text.
  7. Introduction
  8. Discussion: elaboration of problems
  9. Conclusions: providing brief answers to the problems discussed
  10. References:
  11. Use Chicago style system.