Articles are written in Indonesian and must meet standard rules according to Enhanced Spelling. If there are non-standard terms or abbreviations, they must be accompanied by an explanation. The unit of measurement is written according to the Internationale System (SI-Unit). The manuscript must be typed using Microsoft Word with the Calibri font, size 12 pt for the title, 10 pt for the text, 9 pt for the table / picture title, 1.5 spaces with A4 paper size settings. The author's identity is written in a separate file (as an additional file) on the " Lembar Identitas Penulis" covering all author's identities ie full name (without title) together with the affiliation of the institution, with telephone number, fax number, address and e-mail correspondence. Other files that must be included as additional files are publication and plagiarism approval sheets, and table data source files and image data source files (if using tables and figures). Articles submitted to the AMS journal must be divided into the following sections:


The title of this article is briefly and clearly written both in Indonesian and in English, a maximum of 16 words. The full name of each author must be accompanied by affiliation of the institution, city, postal code and country. Correspondence emails must also be written.
Example title:

Altered Hepatic Lipid Metabolism Contributes to Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Leptin Deficient Ob/Ob Mice

James W. Perfield II,1,2 Laura C. Ortinau,1 R. Taylor Pickering,1 Meghan L. Ruebel,3 Grace M. Meers,3,4 and R. Scott Rector1, 3, 4
1 Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211, USA  
2 Department of Food Science, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211, USA  
3 Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211, USA 
4 Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Medical Center, Columbia, MO 65201, USA Correspondence email:


Abstracts are written without subtitles and must be clear and concise both in Indonesian and English in one paragraph. The abstract of the research article contains no more than 300 words, containing the background, objectives, methods, results, and conclusions while the abstract of the case report consists of background, purpose, case summary, and conclusion. The article abstract and case report contain no more than 150 words. Keywords are written below the abstract by selecting 3-6 words that can help to index.

Contains background and review of previous research, hypotheses (if any), and research objectives. Introduction should be able to show the gap and the existence of knowledge that illustrates the quality, significance, and novelty of an idea.

This chapter (for research articles) explains the design and research method clearly and concisely written with reference to the library. The method section must describe the design, population, selection of research subjects or samples, data collection methods and instruments used, and data analysis methods. The explanation of the method must be concise and clear which allows other researchers to repeat. If the method (including statistical analysis) used is new or not widely used, then it must be written with reference to the library.

In the results section, the author must review the interpretation of each form in the form of tables and figures. Narrative interpretation explains the meaning of data and not repetition of the contents of images or numbers. This chapter (for research articles or case reports) can contain a maximum of 6 tables and or pictures / graphs. Each table is given a number and a short title in the order in the text, and each column is given a short sub heading. Table titles and figures must be able to describe their contents.

This chapter discusses the results and highlights new discoveries. The discussion in this chapter also explains why the research obtained results that are in accordance with the findings, the mechanism of obtaining the results, and the reasons for the differences and similarities with previous studies.

This section should state clearly the main conclusions of the research and provide a complete explanation of the importance of this research and its relevance and (if any) suggestions for further research.

Acknowledgments (if any) are limited to professionals and those who helped with the preparation of the manuscript, including technical support, funding, and institutional facilities.

The number of references for research articles and case reports is at least 10 while for review articles there is a minimum of 20. References are written based on the Harvard system where the authors are listed alphabetically. At least 80% of the references are the main references (research results) of the last few decades, except for brief information and no recent literature. Papers that have been sent for publication but not yet published can be used as references and are declared "in press". The names of all authors are written if a total of no more than three people write down the family name and are followed by the first letter of the name given. When there are more than three authors, only the first author is listed, followed by "et al." The title is written in accordance with the original title. The journal name is written entirely according to the official name, followed by the year, volume (number), and journal article page.

Journal Boddie AM, et al. 2000. Folate Absorption In Women With A History Of Neural Tube Defect-Affected Pregnancy. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 72: 154-158. Book Rhoades R and Pflanzer R. 1996. Human Physiology. 3rd edition. Orlando, Florida: Saunders College Publishing; 1996; p. 137-350. Chapters in books Katzung BG dan Chatterjee K. 1998. Vasodilator dan Pengobatan Angina Pektoris. Di dalam: B.G. Katzung (Ed). Farmakologi Dasar dan Klinik edisi 6. Jakarta: EGC; p. 184-201. Proceedings Abdurrahman. 2003. Pendekatan Multidisiplin pada Penanganan Patologi Muskuloskeletal. Proceeding Scientific Meeting & Workshop of Indonesian Musculoskeletal Pathology. Surabaya, March 22-23, p. 1-8.

Thesis/Thesis/Dissertation Hoving EW. 1993. Frontoethmoidal Encephalocele, a Study of Their Pathogenesis. [Disertasi]. Rijk Universiteit, Groningen. Internet Njoku OU, Ononogbu IC and Nwachukwu DE. 1998. Plasma Cholesterol, B-carotene and ascorbic acid changes in Human Malaria. (Online) Sep: 27(3): 186-90. [accessed on 17 September 2001].

Articles can be uploaded directly via

in words or odt format. The author must make a statement containing: that the article is original, the article is not being submitted to another journal and the author will not send the same article to another journal during the review process.

The fees charged to the authors include a review fee of Rp. 100,000 and a publishing fee of Rp. 100,000 Review fees are paid during the submission process, while publication fees are met after the article is accepted for publication.