• Isabel F Salvador


This study assessed the consumer acceptability of banana blossom “sisig” at Isabela
State University, Echague, Isabela, Philippines for the School Year 2011-2012. The study
used a descriptive form of research which described the level of evaluations of the tasters
on the banana blossom “sisig” in terms of variables such as appearance, color, texture,
aroma, presentation, and taste. In analyzing the data gathered the 9-point hedonic scale
was used. Evaluation of the product was done when respondents are grouped by their
profile. The data taken from the evaluations were analyzed using frequency counts and
percentages, means, t-test and Analysis of Variance. The highlight of the study were as
follows: a) the sensory evaluation of the respondents in all the variables ranges from “like
very much” to “like extremely” regardless of any profile variable; b) the respondents’
category influences their evaluations in taste but has nothing to do on the rest of the
variables; c) the profiles of the respondents do not affect their evaluations in the different
variables; d) there is a positive Return on Investment in the commercialization of banana
blossom sisig. Based on result of the study it revealed that the appearance and taste is “like
extremely” and the color, texture, aroma as well as presentation is “like very much” by the

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