Competition for New Submissions (Deadline: 15 September 2022)


Jurnal Kajian Pembaruan Hukum / Journal of Studies in Legal Reform is a fully open access refereed journal that aspires to publish a contemporary analysis of legal reform in Asia. It is rooted in the idea that Asian heterogeneity has historically encouraged a complex legal system, particularly amidst the rapid economic and socio-cultural development in the realm of globalization. 

The new submissions should emphasize the new perspectives for displaying and opening an intimate knowledge into the way they work in practice on the following topics that: 
   ● involve in indigenizing the distinctive nature and complex development of legal reform in Asia;
   ● discuss the contextual issues on the interplay of the rule of law reform and the Asian legal transplants;
   ● critically examine the emerging issues of the Asian and other related legal systems in the South hemisphere; and
   ● locate analytical foundations for the legal reform and future development of Asian legal education.

This journal opens a competition for new submissions for Volume 3:1 (January 2023). This journal will provide the 3 best new submissions IDR 1.000.000,00. Preference is given to foreign authors or Indonesian authors who collaborate with foreigners.

To be considered for gaining this reward, the manuscript should be written in English, and it has followed our focus and scope, and authors' guidelines.

Deadline: Thursday, 15 September 2022

Submit your manuscript here.