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Lentera Hukum sets a high standard of the review process. All papers published in this journal were under a double-blind peer-review by at least two experts in the field. It becomes one of the most rigorous law journals in Indonesia in terms of quality assessment during the review process and its publication. As per the procedure, all submitted manuscripts should undergo a preliminary assessment by the editor(s) before they are distributed for the double-blind peer-review process, while the Editorial Board ensures that the peer-review process is conducted as robust and ethical as possible.

Currently, this journal calls for reviewers for the upcoming publication. Reviewers must have published scholarly works in a reputable journal(s) with the prerequisite to have Google Scholar (mandatory) and Scopus publication (if any). Reviewers that have accepted to review the manuscript will be added to this journal's reviewer list and will obtain the certificate of acknowledgment. Some reviewers may be promoted to be part of the Editorial Board members (as Section Editors) upon their accomplishment to review 2-3 manuscripts.

Submit your application here: this permalink.

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LENTERA HUKUM is an open-access peer-reviewed journal at the Faculty of Law, University of Jember, Indonesia. All papers published in this journal were under a double-blind peer-review. Published three times a year (April, July, November), it aims to publish impactful scholarships that reflect the increasing importance of cross-border legal analysis on the Global South countries with references to Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific Islands, and Latin America. This journal reflects that the discourses on law and legal systems of the Global South countries are often marginalized, in spite of the expansion of the Euro-American outlooks in developing the discipline. While many southern countries may follow the West-led perspectives, their distinctive features have increasingly attracted scholars to explore more complex relations: politically, socially, and culturally diverse. 

This journal is comparative by its focus. It includes the full range of legal scholarships in the Global South countries that examine both practical and academic perceptions. It features a critical analysis of current issues, debates, and global trends that carry further legal implications.

This journal's scope particularly deals with the law and legal systems of the Global South countries. The importance of the current analysis portrays emerging issues posed by Global South governments under economic globalization that gradually impact the way to interact and promote domestic affairs. It includes how they develop constitutional structures and address legal problems, such as the environment, human rights, poverty, and good governance.

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