Publishing System

All authors must be aware that all submissions to the Warta Pengabdian must go through a review and production process. Warta Pengabdian will attempt to process and publish all accepted manuscripts as soon as possible. Yet, it must be noted that Warta Pengabdian values a high standard of publication for all articles. The editorial team may communicate with authors if there is a belief that a substantial element must be enhanced to meet the standard of quality for publication.

The first step of publication, after review and revision, is proofreading. Warta Pengabdian is committed to providing professional language proofreaders for non-English native authors. Warta Pengabdian provides language proofreaders free of charge, as part of our commitment to producing free and open knowledge for readers. 

Next, the editorial team will return the proofread manuscript to the author, before sending it to the copy editor. Once this process is done, the manuscript is ready for publication. 

It is common for all accepted manuscripts to undergo a 60-day process prior to publication. Yet, some articles require additional processing time, depending on the number of manuscript submissions to Warta Pengabdian.