Author Guidelines

Manuscripts should be submitted through the online journal system available at New authors must register as a new user before they can submit their works. Simply follow the instructions provided on the submissions page to complete manuscript submission.

Warta Pengabdian invites contributors who focus on the development of science, technology, art, business, and industrial agriculture for the welfare of society. The maximum number of contributor(s) or author(s) of one submission should be 1 to 4 person(s). It is suggested that submissions be between 5,000 and 12,000 words, saved Word files, and formatted in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Submissions should be written in English (U.K.) and adhere to a consistency of reference system. We accept all kinds of reference systems such as Chicago Manual Style full citation, American Psychological Association, Oscola Oxford, Hardvard and  Canadian Guide on Uniform Legal Citation. We strongly encourage all authors to use ZOTERO, MENDELEY or END NOTE in order that they can more easily comply with the citation format requirements.

It is solely the author’s responsibility to ensure that the manuscripts submitted to the Warta Pengabdian is his or her original and free of plagiarism. All manuscripts will be checked through plagiarism software and assessed through a process of double blind reviewing. Warta Pengabdian, after receiving comment and suggestion from reviewers, retains the right to either accept or reject manuscripts submitted for publication. All accepted articles will be proofread and copy-edited by the journal's Indonesian Language Editor, free of charge to the author. Due to the number of manuscripts submitted to the Warta Pengabdian, final decisions regarding publications are usually returned at least three months from the date of submission.

The article structure should consist of; (1) Title, (2) Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia and in English, (3) Main body which consists of introduction, method, findings and conclusion. The supporting information that must be provided such as pictures during the program, endorsement and any other information.

All contents contents published by the journal are made publically available for free, with no charge to either the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to access and download all contents and article texts which have been published by this journal. The Warta Pengabdian does not request payment from authors and does not provide an printed journal. All published articles can be accessed online for free. 

All inquiries regarding manuscript submission, journal policy, and any other relevant information regarding the journal can be emailed to or mailed to LP2M Office, University of Jember, Kalimantan Street No. 37 Jember, East Java, Indonesia.