Impression of Confinement Consequential COVID-19 to Achieved Recommendation of Physical Activity among Pregnant Women

  • Mantasia Mantasia Department of Midwifery, Tanawali School of Health Science, Takalar, Indonesia.
  • Sumarmi Sumarmi Department of Nursing, Tanawali School of Health Science, Takalar, Indonesia
  • Ernawati Ernawati Department of Midwifery, Tanawali School of Health Science, Takalar, Indonesia
  • FX Widiantoro Department of Nursing, Santo Borromeus University, Bandung, Indonesia
  • Vu Thi Ngoc Hang Luong Company Ltd, Vietnam.


Pregnant women were recognized as a at risk population and recommended for self-isolate to decrease potential infected of the virus Covid-19. The aim of this study was to identify the effect and influences factor to achieve recommendation level of physical activity of pregnant women during Covid-19 pandemic. A community internet-based survey was conducted with 300 randomly selected pregnant women who required antenatal care at midwives and gynecologists in Makassar City, Indonesia. Physical activity levels were assessed using standardized Pregnancy Physical Activity Questionnaire. The multivariable logistic regressions were used to assess the influences factors associated to achieve recommendation level of physical activity of ≥ 600 MET minutes per week of pregnant women. The logistic regression model was applied to assess the influences factors to achieve recommended level of physical activity of ≥ 600 MET minutes per week among pregnant women. The pregnant women with a higher secondary or above degree were 3.23 times more likely to be achieve recommendation level of physical activity, compared to those with primary or below education (OR = 3.23, 95% CI: 2.20 to 4.73, p=0.001). Pregnant women need to be better informed about the positive effects of PA during pregnancy. Health care provider should develop some program to advise and support pregnant women to improve their PA level.


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