Journal of Indonesia Road Safety (JIRS) fills that gap by emphasizing road safety issues. The journal's aim is to disseminate advanced research results to educators, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to enhance road safety with comprehensive and integrated solutions.

JIRS provides a discussion forum to exchange academic ideas, data, and integrated road safety solutions developed. The journal is supported and directed by an international editorial board of renowned experts in road safety.

Relevant topics include comprehensive road safety aspects of:

  1. Road infrastructure design
  2. Driver behavior and human factors
  3. Traffic control and traffic operations
  4. Crash data collection and analyses
  5. Safety information and communication systems
  6. Advanced and emerging vehicle and network technologies
  7. Safety policy and planning
  8. Security issues of transportation systems and networks
  9. Emergency and incident planning and response
  10. Law enforcement on road traffic accident

All submitted manuscripts are subject to initial evaluation by the Editor and, if found suitable for further consideration, to peer review by independent, anonymous expert reviewers. All peer review is double-blind. Submissions are made online.