Jurnal Entitas Sosiologi (JES)  is a space for the dissemination of ideas within the scope of Sociology studies. This journal also provides spaces for various perspectives in sociology, especially in developing ideas that can encourage the transformation of society towards an advanced and sustainable society. In this issue, Jurnal Entitas Sosiologi (JES) presents the theme of Social Movement and Volunteerism. The first article discusses the efforts of Sero fishermen in maintaining a sustainable economy in Kabatmantren Hamlet, Muncar district, Banyuwangi regency. The second article is strengthening the value of industrial agriculture of Vocational School students in Jember regency. The third article is about the Sewu-Sewu Ae Movement: The real role of youth in reducing the effects of the pandemic of Covid-19. The fourth article explains the impact of using Whatsapp social media on social interaction of the Lok Batu Village community, Balangan regency. The fifth article is the Grebeg Sedekah Community, the new social movement as a movement for social concern, and the sixth article discuses community preparedness for Banjir Bandang disaster: A study on the role of DESTANA in Suci Village, Jember. In general, the article narrates social movements and volunteerism in society. Jurnal Entitas Sosiologi (JES) accepts articles in the form of empirical based research, literature-review based studies, and book reviews that support the dissemination of ideas and the enrichment of sociology-based knowledge

Published: 2022-02-01