The Journal of Agromedicine and Medical Sciences (AMS) is a four-month periodical journal (February, June, and October) that contains various articles in the form of research, systematic reviews, and case report in the field of medicine with a focus on basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, and agromedicine. All manuscripts submitted must contain original research that was not previously published and is not being considered for publication elsewhere. All authors have read and agreed to the contents of the manuscript, and that every experimental study reported in the manuscript has been carried out with the approval of the ethics committee.

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Komang Yunita Wiryaning Putri 68; Mukhammad Arif Hadi Khoiruddin 72; Rifka Purnama Sari 78; Dwita Aryadina Rachmawati 85; Qinthar Layallia Faza 91; Christopher Kevin Susanto 96; Pipiet Wulandari, 102; Siti Alfina 108; Wahyuni Dyah Parmasari 115; Nurfianti Indriana 120

Published: 2022-06-26

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