Guidelines for Reviewer



How reviewers can get an account:

  1. Register yourself
    1. On the main menu click"Register"
    2. Fill in the registration form, with an asterisk that must be filled in, such as: first name, last name, affiliation, country, email, username, password, and repeat password.
    3. Then check (√) box for Would you be willing to review submissions to this journal?
    4. Click Register when finished
  2. Registered by the Journal Manager (fill in the reviewer form) (recommended)


Guideline For Reviewer:

  1. Reviewers are responsible for conducting scientific criticism through reading and evaluating texts in a specific field of subject, then providing constructive advice and feedback to the author on the articles submitted.
  2. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of an article, then try to help to improve the strength and quality of the text.

Before the review process:

  1. Check whether the article matches with your field of subject.
  2. Do you have time to review the article?
  3. Is there a Conflict of Interest?
  4. To ensure a double-blind review, we encourage reviewers to change the settings of Microsoft word before commenting on the article text. 

Reviewers can follow these steps:

Choose File > click Options > click General and then rename as shown below:

Username: Reviewer

Initials: R


How to review:

  1. Log in as a reviewer
  2. Click submissions then click my queue
  3. Select articles in my assigned
  4. Select the title of the article then click Review
  5. Follow the review instructions, there are 4 steps:
  1. Reply to the Editor's Response to the article submission, select accept then send the email
  2. Guidelines. If you don't know how to review, please download the review guide or contact the editor
  3. Download & Review.
    • Download the article, open it and then comment on the file
    • Give a review of the article and fill out the review form
    • Upload documents that have been given comments
    • Give Recommendations. There are four recommendations for editors, such as;
      1. Accepted Submission. Articles accepted without improvement
      2. Required Revision. Articles need revision from the author before acceptance
      3. Resubmit for Review. The author must make fundamental improvements and the article will go through the review process again, and
      4. Decline Submission. The article does not acceptable for publication
    • Click submit review
  4. Review Submitted
    1. The review process is complete

Review Process:

  1. Title: has the article been illustrated?
  2. Abstract: has it reflected the contents of the article?
  3. Introduction: have you described the accuracy of the material submitted in the article?
  4. The introduction must summarize the context in accordance with the research, explaining the findings in the research. Must explain experiments, hypotheses and methods.
  5. Method: comprehensive and complete Has the author clearly described how data is collected? Is the theoretical basis enough to be used in the study? Is the amount of sampling enough? Is there a new method?
  6. Results: Research must be able to explain the findings in his research. Is the analysis clear? Use of statistical tools?
  7. Discussion: Does the writer compare with the results of previous studies. Are the results contradictory to previous theories?
  8. Conclusion: does it explain how better research can be done at the next stage?