The Journal of Agromedicine and Medical Sciences (AMS) is a four-month periodical journal (February, June and October) which contains various articles in the form of research, systematic reviews and case reports in the field of medicine with a focus on basic medical sciences, clinical medicine and agromedics. All manuscripts submitted must contain original research that was not previously published and is not being considered for publication elsewhere. All authors have read and agreed to the contents of the manuscript, and that every experimental study reported in the manuscript has been carried out with the approval of the ethics committee. The selection of articles published on AMS uses a blind peer-review system. All articles received by AMS will be discussed by experts in the relevant fields of science and editors. The review process is carried out within a maximum of 2 months for one review round. Review articles can be categorized into 4, articles accepted without improvement (Accepted Submission), articles need revision from the author before acceptance (Required Revision), the author must make fundamental improvements and the article will go through the review process again (Resubmit for Review), and the article does not acceptable for publication (Decline Submission). One month duration from the announcement was given to repair the article. Authors who do not correct the article within one month are automatically considered to cancel the publication and also cancel all previous acceptance statements.