Analisis Perbandingan Fitur Search Engine

  • Saiful i Bukhor


Search engines are used in the web as a tool for information retrieval. Web Server is a large warehouse of heterogeneous and unstructured data so that to filter out relevant information from people, a search engine is needed. Search engines usually consist of page repositories, indexing modules, query modules and ranking modules. Search engines do not work alone, besides that there is a web browser that supports the work of this search engine to be more optimal. A browser is software that is run on a user's computer (user) that displays web documents or information taken from a web server [1]. A browser is the type of intermediary the user uses most often. This paper aims to analyze three search engines namely Google, Yahoo, and Bing based on existing features. These features include web search, image search, video search, news search, route search, book search, change search settings, display number of views, shopping, language translator. Google stands as the best search engine among all search engines, which works using the Page Rank algorithm. Page Rank is a numerical value that determines the importance of a web page by calculating the number of backlinks.

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