Focus and Scope

The Journal of Feminism and Gender Studies (JFGS) main objectives are to develop scientific discourse and analysis on issues of gender and feminism. JFGF accommodates articles with both empirical and discursive approaches by providing freedom of scientific development within the framework of feminism and gender perspectives. Articles with empirical and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of feminism and gender are preferable.

In keeping with its commitment to distribute and disseminate information on issues of feminism and gender worldwide, as part of the advocacy efforts undertaken by the University of Jember, JFGS provides free and open access to all of his published works. This journal aims to become a forum for dialogue between academics, experts, practitioners, and feminist activists around the world. It also builds and creates new knowledge in favor of justice and equality in a humanitarian framework so that JFGS will later become a platform for discussion and debate as we also accept the plurality of thoughts.