Pengaruh Kecepatan Angin pada Karakteristik Performansi Konduktor SUTET

  • Suprihadi Prasetyono Universitas Jember



Wind speed changes at SUTET conductor besides having cooling
effects it also improves the transmission line capacities and will give
influence to conductor performances. This research aimed to know
the influence of the wind speed to performance conductor
characteristics such as temperature, tension, length, sag and
current carrying capacity of conductor. As simulation model, an
extra high voltage transmission line 500kV Paiton – Kediri span no
10 is used. Temperature of Conductor is calculated based on hotbalance
equation, whereas Catenary method and Rulling span
method used to determine sag conductor and length. The result of
calculation shows, that the wind speed can be used to cool
conductor with the range from 1 - 3 degree of celcius each for every
increase of wind speed for 0,5 m / s. While conductor mechanical
characteristics such as tension, length, and sag does not having any
significant changes.

Keyword : Mechanical performance, Transmission line, Conductor.

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